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CreationIS – Web Designs has created a subscription based “website design & internet marketing services” package. Now you can get online and start attracting new clients. Never have an outdated web site again.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ( Oklahoma City, Oklahoma¬† —

CIS – Web Designs – a web site design & Internet Marketing company based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – has developed a NEW Web Site Design Stimulus Package, tailor made for business owners. Rather than charging one lump sum development fee for their services, is changing it’s billing structure in order to assist business owners by creating a 12-Month Subscription based Web Site Design & Internet Marketing Program that will help business owners reduce their immediate cash flow and still take advantage of the tremendous opportunities on the Internet.

Designing web sites since 1998, CreationIS has the experience to help businesses achieve success through quality web site design and comprehensive internet marketing strategies. They are versed in the latest techniques such as WordPress architecture and they have a thorough understanding of the growing needs of businesses today.

While the cost of fuel, food, and other consumer goods continues to rise, and the nation is still recovering from the economic downturn at the end of 2008, is prepared to give the business community a boost. Their belief:

If more business owners are able to advertise their products and services in a broader market, expose themselves to new markets, and increase their client base through the Internet, it will increase the buying power. Increased buying power means stabilization and rejuvenation for the economy as a whole, and a rejuvenated economy means better business for everyone.

Why subscription based web design coupled with internet marketing services? “Because just building a web site is not enough to generate new traffic on the Internet in today’s market”, says Mathew Zupan, the owner of between sips of coffee.

“Today, if you are not SEEN on the Internet, you might as well not be on the Internet. Marketing is the essential impetus that drives people to visit your new web site. The web site is an online extension of your customer service department that greets them and draws them into your business.”

CreationIS – Web Designs has created a 5-page CUSTOMIZED, Web Site Design and Internet Marketing Package for businesses to increase their visibility over a consistent period of time, reduce their overhead by spreading out their web design costs over 12-months, and help establish greater credibility for their products and services, aiming to generate higher profits for their businesses. All starting at only $64.90 per/month. No other web design company offers as much value. uses only the most current CSS designs and WordPress architecture in all of their designs. Why? Because search engines love it. Each five page web site will have initial SEO already built in. In many cases, the way these new sites are designed, they reflect a SEO greater than what can be seen in most sites that have been up for a long time, yet CreationIS considers basic, to give the marketing edge that is needed in today’s competitive environment.


For additional information on how to take advantage of this affordable monthly Web Design & Internet Marketing Package: – contact Mathew Zupan or visit

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