Thursday: January 17, 2019
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5 Tips to Raise Search Engine Visibility - part 2

Part 2 of : 5-Tips to Raise Search Engine Visibility (read also: part 1) will explore a few new key elements to add to your ‘seo internet marketing’ arsenal. Again, these tips by no way exhaust the many things that you can do and continue to do with your marketing efforts – but they are a good foundation to get you started.

5 Tips to Raise Search Engine Visibility - part 2

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Here are some more valuable tips for you to understand some of the basic elements of seo & internet marketing.

  1. URL: The importance of your URL is debated among development techies and geeks over the years; however, one thing they do agree upon: Search Engines don’t like too many parameters. Let’s just say, they don’t mind a URL with a couple of hyphens (not too many) but four, five or more – is not a good choice! Also space in your domain name or URL file names is a big problem. Things to Remembers: Keywords in a URL – Great Idea! Spaces in your URL – NOT Good!
  2. Search Engine Spider Food: Search engine spiders are the things that crawl around the web and search for text, new text and updated text. Did I mention that they look for text?  When they find it they log it and store the information so that it can be search later. Search engines read websites from ‘top to bottom’ and from ‘left to right’. They like clean html and css code and paragraphs of text. Fancy flash gives them heartburn (useless to a search engine) and pictures just really take up space to a search engine. Although pictures are indexed, the tendency on a web page is to overdue the graphics (which are people friendly) and underdo the text. Things to Remember: Writing text that is both people friendly (something that is eye-catching and informative) and search engine friendly (seasoned with enough keywords and phrases to assist your climb up the search engine ladder) takes time and practice to learn.  You may have to try several rewrites before you get the combination that works. Most people give up to early.
  3. Website Architecture: Just as search engines read website design code from ‘top to bottom’ and ‘left to right’ – it is only recently that architecture trends have really begun to reflect this development trend. It is extremely important that you make the flow of your code, links and text moves in a logical direction both on the web page (the part that people see) and inside the web page (the code). Things to Remember: One of the most important pages in a website is the Sitemap. And one of the most overlooked – is the proper use of the Robots.txt. They help the search engines quickly and easily find the flow your website so they can follow each link and index each page.
  4. Fresh, Updated Content: There is nothing worse than having a website created, slapping some text on it and then leaving it there to collect dust like that strange and unique gift you were given by your Aunt Betty – you remember the “what’s it” and you put it on the top shelf of your closet ten years ago – and it’s still there. Ninety percent of the websites on the Internet collect internet space dust. They are stale like an old cracker and when someone visits by accident it’s like dipping that old cracker in sour milk.Things to Remember: People like fresh content and they want it on a consistent basis. Search engine spiders also love it. But Google has said that there is nothing better to do for your site than provide new, fresh, relevant content. This is the powerful tool that helps establish you as an authority, gives you credibility and lets your customers know that you are available and knowledgeable. That is what makes your website popular – because people WILL find the information and then they WILL visit your site!
  5. The Human Quality: This is so important, it probably should be higher up on the list. There’s an art to designing a site that is friendly to both Google crawlers and the people you ultimately want to convert. Without people, what’s the point? So first design for them, and then tweak to please the spiders, not the other way around. Jakob Nielsen is a usability guru you’ll want to check out. He’s been telling people how to make user-centric websites since web directories were still phonebooks—you know, on paper. Things to Remember: It’s all about people. Understand that anytime you embark on a seo marketing campaign – it is going to take time to balance people part with search engines. It’s called copy editing. But just as important, don’t forget that the same goes for your code – your html and css code. It too needs to be adjusted and tweaked, refreshed and updated to make it the most search engine friendly website you can possibly create. Don’t let your code get static and outdated – it can do just as much harm to your search engine ranking as bad text.

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