Thursday: January 17, 2019
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"Consistent Internet Marketing" Yields Tremenous Results

Do You Have an Internet Marketing Strategy?

Having a “consistent Internet Marketing” plan is one of the first big steps to success in any online business. And a website is only the first phase in our Internet Marketing Services. At CreationIS, we offer marketing strategies for every kind of business. From SEO, to Google AdWords, to digital marketing displays, and email campaigns, we understand what works and are confident that we can come of with the right solution for you.

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Once the first phase of your Internet Marketing Strategy is complete (the web design) – it is  time to move on to the second phase – getting in front of potential customers. [read: Three Kinds of Website]. The best plans can fall short if they are not followed through with consistency. And the next phase that every web owner needs to consider is how to add value on a regular basis. The first thing that this will do for you, is add credibility. The more information that you can share with potential customers,the more you will be answering their areas of concern before they purchase. This gives them the confidence in your business that you will be able to fulfill their needs. Then, as your website starts to grow and is seen on the Internet, you will start to become Visible. The more visible you become, the more profitable your website. It's a wonderful circle. And finally, in order to maintain your position in the search engines – you need to keep feeding the machine with fresh and relevant content. It's like putting gas into your car; if you don't, pretty soon you won't be going anywhere.

NO WEBSITE in the history of the Internet has ever been successful without consistent, continual marketing.

So, to put it simply – there are four practical phases to our:

Internet Marketing Services

  1. Building your website (if you don’t already have one)
  2. Getting Seen in the Search Engines – SEO Internet Marketing
  3. Add Consistent, Relevant, & Valuable Content to keep your customers coming back; and
  4. Maintaining & expanding your position through continual, strategic marketing strategies to stay ahead of your competition

Once you have finished with the first phase, the other three are ‘present continuum’s’. They are consistent and ongoing; otherwise you will lose your advantage and another website will take your place.

Who wants to be #1 in Google?

We all do! But it takes time (if you are going to do it right) and perseverance – along with a continual and consistent marketing plan. New customers, clients and followers want to be able to depend on you for information on a regular basis and that takes commitment.

It also takes testing and re-analyzing of your content to make sure what you are doing works, and that the way potential customers are looking for your type of business is consistent with your marketing techniques. Sometimes it changes.

We follow the principles of “Big ‘M’ Marketing” in our marketing techniques and our consulting services.

Instead of taking the time to find out ‘how‘ people are actually searching for your products or services, most businesses market their website the way they ‘think‘  their clients are looking for their business. The two are not always the same. And so our approach needs to change as people change.

For more information on our Marketing Services for the Internet or to get started now, call us at: 405-384-6394 - we still answer our phones.

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