Thursday: January 17, 2019
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Internet Marketing the Bigger Picture

What does #Internet Marketing mean for your Company?

For many companies, #marketing is an after thought. And #Internet Marketing is just another way of saying “search engine optimization“, which doesn’t mean a lot to 95% of the businesses on the Internet.

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After you have just spent hundreds and perhaps thousands of dollars having a new web site built, you expect it to be the answer to all your “New Customer” needs. New customers will start pouring in, and already existing customers will return by the truck load. That is NOT usually the case.

The Truth is:

NO Web site, by itself, has ever generated profits or new customers for a business WITHOUT FIRST being “Marketed”!

#Internet Marketing Services- The Big Picture

Good, effective marketing on the Internet does begin with your web site. But your web site is only a small part of the whole picture. [And in my belief, the smallest part.] Because, without an online marketing strategy; your web site by itself; will not bring you customers.

That is not to say that your new web site or web design is not important, it is! Because even if you have a strong marketing strategy that will drive new traffic to your web site and ultimately to your business –

  • if your web site doesn’t look good
  • if it doesn’t create a feeling of confidence
  • if it doesn’t give them a feeling of stability and security
  • if it doesn’t solve their problem or answer their questions
  • and, if it doesn’t give them a reason to come back

– you will drive them away faster than they arrived.

A Web Site is ONLY a Marketing Tool

Your ultimate goal is not to “drive traffic to your w eb site” it is for your “web site to drive traffic to your business”. So,

  • #Internet Marketing begins with a good Web Site Design
  • #SEO [search engine optimization], is essential to your marketing campaign (it is not the only answer)
  • #Unique, Fresh, and Valuable content helps keep your web site relevant and up-to-date!
  • #Social Engineering – is a must for today’s marketplace. You need to be where your clients are.
  • #Forums – shows that you are friendly and helpful
  • #Backlinks – Increase popularity and relevancy to search engines. It increases your visibility.
  • #Blogging – gives you an opportunity to interact with your clients

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