What is Bootstrap?

And, what's the big deal?

  • M.L. Zupan
Three Kinds of Websites

In the early days of responsive web design, a battle for responsive dominance took place. Many amazing web developers were trying to come up with the perfect solution. In the search for the perfect layout, several developers fashioned a grid system based on the newspaper grid system of 12 columns with a fixed percentage of space between each column. It was brilliant. Some developers used hard-coded pixels to define each column, some used percentages which allowed for even more fluid scaling options. Eventually, percentages ruled the day, and now the best responsive grids are built with media queries and percentages.

Some days there just doesn't seem to be enough coffee in the world.

However, what we gained in development and responsiveness, we lost in original, custom design. It wasn't long before almost all new websites looked the same. The same stacking of elements, the same structure of layout, and the same boxy look.

In walks Bootstrap

Bootstrap is the name of a specific grid style, designed by some of the creative minds at Twitter and developed for Open Source. There is now a core team of developers and a host of individuals that contribute to the coding standard and continually make improvements to the core code as technology continually changes and ungrades. It is also, endoubtedly the most powerful grid system in use today.

Bootstrap logo

Like the core, open source of WordPress, Bootstrap is constantly growing and in flux. It is continually being updated to the latest web design technologies, and it is completely open source. It has become the standard by which all other (at this time) grid systems aspire to become.

At CreationIS, we utilize Bootstrap in all of our designs in order to ensure that your website is being built to the "best of the web" standards. Each foundation is built using exacting standards and rock-solid coding practices so that it can be easily maintained and upgraded as new Internet protocols come into existence.