You don't have to like your website

Your Customers do.

  • M.L. Zupan
Three Kinds of Websites

One of the biggest mis-understandings when it comes to getting a website for your business is that when it is finished “You need to like it”! While it is true that you may “want” to like your website it is not necessary to “like it” in order for you to have a successful online presence.

The number 1, most important factor, when thinking about getting a website to represent your business online is that “Your Customers Need to Like It!”.

It may sound like a simple thing – but what you like and what the majority of your customers like may be two entirely different things. Keep in mind that your website is nothing more than one gigantic internet marketing campaign in order to attract new clients and give your current clients more value. So the goal is to create advertising that appeals to your potential customer base.

The difference between profits and struggling is generally in direct proportion between how much you focus on your customers or yourself!

For example: you have a company that sells useful widgets and the majority of your target audience is between 35 and 50 year old women. You may like retro or envision a gothic look for your website because that is your personal taste, and you may like websites when you surf with really small  text crammed full of information. But that doesn’t mean you should create your website with those features in mind. If you want to attract MORE customers you may want to have a website that has larger text (the average person over 40 needs glasses – at least reading glasses), lighter colors and easy to follow, compartmentalized navigation.

The difference between profits and growing your business or just getting by, struggling, and eventually losing your market share to companies with greater attention to their customers needs rather than sales, is how you focus on your customers.

  • Are you creating customer value?
  • Is your website created to serve your customer?
  • Are you looking at your business through your customers eyes?

So while you are thinking about getting a new website for your business or perhaps have your current website redesigned, take a step back for a moment and try to think like your customers instead, what are their needs, what will be best to give them a good online experience with your business, even go as far as asking some of your current customers what they enjoy in a website when they are online – what colors capture their attention, what kind of layout do they prefer – what attracts them. Then, take those suggestions to your local web designer and work out a new marketing approach.