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Search Engine Marketing is comprised of two things: SEO (search engine optimization) and PPA (pay per action) advertising. Combined, they make a powerful duo in your internet marketing campaign.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

When people think of search engine marketing they usally just think of SEO - search engine optimization. SEO, is the 'Art of making your website friendly to search engines' for relevant search results. It takes into account how each page is programmed, how you phrase your content and where on your web page it is placed. We dig deep into finding your best customers, how they are searching, and what time of day your customers are searching for you; then, we mold your web pages so that your customers can find you. Time, patience and persistence are the key elements to every good SEO campaign.

SEO:

PPA - Pay Per Action

At CreationIS, we are experts in the area of PPA campaigns. 'Pay Per Action' (PPA) Advertising, is paying for a text or digital ad in the advertising space on a search engine or one of their search partners. PPA also encompasses any website where you pay for advertising expecting to receive a result from that action. CreationIS, is Google AdWords certified and a Google AdWords Partner. You can rest assured we know how to optimize your ads to achieve the best results in the Google ad space network. Give us a call: 405-384-6394 and find out how you can get in front of your next customer at the point in time when they are looking for you.

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