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3.0 Web Design Technology. Our first step in creating a website for your business with a great user experience for your customers, is listening to you. No two businesses are the same, and no two websites should be either. We sit down with you, and learn about your business and your customers. The more we can learn from you, the better user experience we can create for your customers. Then, we create a customized platform by which your customers can interact with your business.

Solid Foundation: CreationIS creates each website on a rock solid foundation that can easily be built upon as your business grows, and can be maintained and upgraded as web technology grows.

Mobile Friendly: All of our website designs are what the industry jargon calls: Responsive web design. Which means that they resize to look great on tablets and phones.

  • More and more people use their phones to search the Internet when they are out, your website needs to look good where the people are.
  • Google has changed its algorithm to make sure your website is "Mobile Friendly". If it is not, your website will get penalized and you won't rank as high as a website that is mobile friendly.

SEO Friendly: We build into every website the basics of 'Search Engine Friendliness'. Things that EVERY website needs in order to start being seen by search engines. This does not mean that you don't need to have a good SEO campaign, but it is a good foundation to build your online presence.