Monday: November 11, 2019
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5 Tips to Raise Search Engine Visibility

part 1

CreationIS once again brings marketing tips to help you grow your business. We hope that you enjoy this short informational tutorial and comeback often for more.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Oklahoma City, Oklahoma -( | When it comes to the World Wide Web, one thing is certain – no website has ever been successful without a continual marketing strategy.  So we at CreationIS – Internet Services have created this marketing tip sheet for those who believe they want to take charge of their own online marketing campaign.

Raise Search Engine Visibility - part 1

5 Tips to Increase Your Search Engine Relevance

Search Engine Optimization - SEO” is one of those phrases that is often confused with “Internet Marketing Services”. Although having your website SEO Friendly for search engines is a vital step to success on the internet, it is not the only thing you need to market your website effectively.

Internet Marketing Services are the combined total of all online marketing strategies. The following tips are dealing with a single strategy, the SEO portion. What you can do to make sure your website is SEF - Search Engine Friendly; (in case you hadn't noticed, web designers and internet marketeers love using shortcode); to Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

  1. Title: I don’t know how many times I have looked at websites that do not have this essential aspect of their website formatted properly. And any good web developer or internet marketer worth his weight in salt, will tell you that it is crucial to better rankings in search engines. The ‘Title’ is the unique identifier of each web page on your entire website and should be utilized that way. It is the thing that appears at the very top of your web browser when a page is opened. It is the text used when a person bookmarks your web page in their browser and want to come back to it often. And most important, it is the top line in relevancy search engine listing when your site comes up in the results.Things to remember: Your title should be unique to every page. It should contain at least one major keyword or keyphrase. It should not be any longer than 7-10 words (because the rest gets cut off by search engines anyway – so don’t waste the words – too many words also dilutes the authority of the search phrases). You should also put your keyword or phrase first instead of your business name. Google ranks each page individually, not the site in its entirety.
  2. Description: In some web and marketing circles, their are opposing viewpoints on whether or not the ‘Description’ is still necessary.  In my experience (I have been marketing websites since 1998), the description is still very relevant. It is only "not" relevant when it is formated poorly.
  3. Your description is a metatag designed for search engines to read and use as the description of your web page.  Again, every page should have a unique description. Google will penalize your ranking if all your titles, descriptions and keywords are the same on every page of your website. Things to Remembers: Your description must be relevant to the page, should not be any longer than 22-27 words (again, more gets cut off by most search engines anyway and dilutes its value). And your description is the text directly under your title in a search engine listing of results.  Best to use it to catch a readers attention and incite action to click to your website for more information.
  4. Keywords: What can be said about ‘keywords’ that has not already been said? So I just want to emphasize their value and importance in search engines. Things to Remembers: Use unique keywords for each page. Create a ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ keyword or phrase for each page.  Make sure your keywords are relevant to the content on the page. Don’t use more that 4-6 keywords or phrases. More than that is considered ‘keyword spamming’ and can hurt your results.  Also the more words you use, the less value each word has as far as importance.
  5. Content: Text content is extremely valuable for people and search engines; however, if not formatted correctly it can hinder your search engine results. Keep in mind that pictures are nice, but Google reads text. Things to Remember: FRESH, relevant content is better than NO content or STATIC content. Make sure your paragraphs are sprinkled with your primary and secondary keywords (the same keywords you used in your keyword metatag, title and description). DO NOT over do it! One keyword for every 100-140 words of text is more than sufficient. And keep your content text within 450-600 words for the best results.
  6. Quality Inbound Links: Inbound links or backlinks as they are often called: are links from outside sources, other websites, news articles, other peoples blogs, press releases, etc… There is much controversy as to whether quality or quantity of inbound links are more beneficial.  I can only tell you that from my experience – over the long run – QUALITY is ALWAYS better than quantity. If you are using a bunch of spammy looking blogs to create hundreds of links back to your site – it will catch up with you and give you a bad reputation if not get in trouble for “inbound link spamming”. There are many websites that I don’t want to be associated with – it’s like ‘guilt by association’ and it does apply to your business. Things to Remember: If you can find complimentary businesses (non-competitive) that you feel strongly about sharing with your customers – offer a link exchange. Work together to build each other up. Not because you want to create a lot of inbound links but because you honestly what to create a business relationship. Afterall, all good businesses are built on relational services and the product is just a by-product. Also – try to add a few new links every week – eventually the quantity will arrive and it will help you keep your placement in search engines. What you are doing is establishing yourself as an authority in your field.

Bonus Tip: Start a Blog – I am throwing this one in as a bonus, not because it is any less important but because it really deserves an article on its own and it is currently one of the most valuable yet forgotten aspects of any new business who wants to be successful in today’s marketplace. Watch for our “Blogging for Business” series of articles coming out over the next coming weeks.

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