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Expose Yourself

When was the last time you ‘exposed yourself’ in public? No, I am not talking about skinning dipping during the full moon on a hot summer night. I am talking about exposing your business on the Internet to increase your visibility.

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Larger Internet markets, greater market shares, greater opportunities – these are some of the things that the Internet offers to the savvy business owner when he exposes himself through strategic internet marketing practices.

My name is Mathew Zupan, and I have been helping and teaching business owners how to achieve greater success through proper Internet Marketing techniques since 1998.

Exposure – Exposure – Exposure

3 Vital Internet Marketing Techniques

Every brick-n-mortar business has heard the phrase: location, location, location. One of the major keys to increased exposure of your business. If you are located in a prime traffic heavy area, it automatically increases your exposure, giving you a greater chance at being successful. It doesn’t guarantee success – but it dynamically increases your odds.

The same principle applies to your online business only in reverse. Through the proper internet marketing techniques, you can achieve a prime location in search engines, thereby securing a great location and increasing your exposure. What are some of those techniques?

1. Internet Marketing begins with your website.
A website is nothing more than the beginning staging arena of your Internet Marketing Campaign. So the first step is to make sure that you have a well formulated, up-to-date, robust and clean coded website.

Remember: Search Engines don’t care about fancy graphics, interactive buttons, or flash effects – only people do!

A well formed website is one that combines elements that appeal to people and rich, informative content that appeals to search engines.

2.  Add new Content on a Regular Basis
One of the biggest reasons businesses lose ranking position in the search engines is because they do NOT continue to ADD VALUE and relevant content to their website.

If you can design one thing, you can design everything. Just believe it.

Set a goal of one article per month, two articles per month, even one article per week. Make sure it’s a manageable goal. The best tool for internet marketing success is CONSISTENCY, not volume.

You will achieve greater success by only writing one article per month, than the person who slams out ten articles in one month and doesn’t write anything for the next three months. Also, you attract a stronger following of readers, and retain them longer by being consistent.

3. Make Sure each page is Unique and Specific
When you create each page, focus on one or two elements – key words or phrases – on each page.

Make sure your Metatags like: ‘Title‘, ‘Description‘, and ‘Keywords‘ are unique for each page and relate to the topic of the article. A few strong, well placed keywords add greater weight and authority to each article creating a stronger relevancy, which in turn helps each article increase in page authority.

I hope these tips have helped you to better understand how Internet Marketing works. As you apply each one, let me know how your web site is doing.

If you have any questions, leave a comment or fill out our contact form.

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Mathew Zupan has been serving the business community since 1998, developing websites, offering premium web hosting, creating reusable web templates and increasing business revenues through strategic Internet Marketing techniques.

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