Monday: November 11, 2019
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Bad to the Code

Meet Oklahoma Web Designer: M.L. Zupan

Bababababa Bad — Bad to the Code. That is somewhat the philosophy of M.L. Zupan; Oklahoma Web Designer and Entrepreneur who finds himself continually fixing faulty, outdated, deprecated and just plain ugly design code on many already existing websites.

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He says: “A website may look good on the outside (to the naked eye); but in reality? It is “bad to the code”.

What is ‘Bad to the Code?’

Web design code is changing on a continual basis and like everything else in this fast-paced, technologically driven world our websites need to be changing with it. Bad code is just that – bad code. It is old, deprecated (no longer valid, used or functions properly). It is code that slows down your website.  It is broken. It is no longer search engine friendly – and it may not be web browser friendly any more.

Have you ever wondered why your website is not getting the recognition you think it deserves in the search engines? It could be that you have bad code – and search engines just don’t like it. So, they ignore your site and rank other sites higher because they are more easily digestible to their algorithm stomachs.

An estimated 98% of the websites on the market today are outdated and inefficient! The other 2% are new websites that have just come out in the past several months, been designed by a profession web developer and built with ONLY the latest HTML, CSS and program technologies.

Don’t lose out on potential clients or higher rankings in the search engines because you have bad code. Have your programming tested by a professional. Give us a call and we will let you know what you can do to improve the efficiency of your website – 405-818-0182.

Anyone who has never made a mistake, has never tried anything new. --Albert Einstein

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M.L. Zupan - Having Fun

M.L. Zupan

Mathew Zupan has been serving the business community since 1998, developing websites, offering premium web hosting, creating reusable web templates and increasing business revenues through strategic Internet Marketing techniques.

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