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Building brand loyalty

Email Marketing Services :.

Loyalty Building Campaigns

There is nothing better than a loyalty building campaign to increase your profit margin and build brand awareness. And CreationIS can help you grow your customer base.

Whether you want to increase your brand awareness or offer regular specials - CreationIS can help you grow.

It's a fact: that 68% of the people who purchase online would rather purchase from a name that that they know and trust as opposed to shopping on any other website. It is also a fact that those who are a part of your regular network are more likely to purchase again if you give them a reason.

An E-mail marketing campaign is just the thing that gives your customers a reason to keep coming back, and you have the ability to create loyal customers over and over.

Email Success Story

Recently I worked with a major company that wanted to start a 'loyalty building campaign'. We started by creating for them a regular email newsletter of their weekly specials. At the end of a year, they were seeing a 400% return on thier investment.

That is the power of e-mail marketing.

What is the downside of e-mail marketing

The reality is: there is no downside. If you are creating your e-mail campaigns within the letter of the law, asking people to opt-in, and allowing them to opt-out when they want, you are following the rules of good business practices and your customers will be happy with the information you send them.

At CreationIS, we make sure that your e-mail campaigns are set up with-in the National Business guidelines so that your business is above reproach.

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